The car valeter of choice at the Birmingham Business Park 

From our first visit to the Entrepreneurs Circle at the Birmingham Business park, it felt like home to us. The reception and the appreciation for the services we offer has enabled us to grow and to maintain a regular monthly visits to the Business park. Even some of our clients have asked us to come back for twice every monthly.

We are now offering a special tariff for first time customers from the business park and also for volume purchase of our services for up to five (5) cars . See current prices click here

Apply at point of sale, BBP01 and BBP05 respectively and get 25% and 30% discount respectively.  

Discount / Tariffs:   

BBP01 - One off use only   

BBP05 - Applied Every time.  

" They are the only valeters that we trust with our fleet. They are conscientious, thorough and their steam-clean system is efficient and environmentally friendly"  Steve Anderson - Entrepreneurs Circle, Birmingham Business Park. 

Birmingham Business Park Booking and Enquiries 

For quick enquiries Call:  07446922677 

 Or    Email: