Working Together

We’re dedicated to meeting our clients’ expectations, and have gained valuable experience in various capacities through our work with both businesses and individuals. Keep reading to learn more about our clients.


Oldbury - Birmingham

First Mile is a busy waste recycling company. On a 3 weekly regular schedule, Hybrid Valeting offers an exterior only valet to all four trucks belonging to first mile to ensure that the company's brand image is enhanced whenever the trucks are spotted looking sparkling on the road


Hagley Road - Birmingham

Pertemps is a large recruitment company. We offer Basic and full  car valeting service to between 6 to 10 staff  on a 2 weekly basis at Pertemps Hagley Road, Birmingham


Henley and Arden

Portraying a great personality is key to the property development market. We offer a 2 weekly valet to members of staff aaat St francis group- Henley and Arden


Hagley Road - Birmingham

Radclyffe House is a large office complex offering accommodation to various businesses. We offer both private and corporate services to clients. As shown in the photo we offer different valeting services to the staff. And also offer detailed full valet to a company about 8 fleet of vans. keeping their vans tidy on a regular basis,

We value our clients and understand that they’re at the heart of our success. Get in touch have your presence on this site.

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